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Reduced to Zero

All is one.
Light is too discriminating.  Light is fleeting.  Light glorifies a thing for but a moment, and then it is gone.  We are darkness.  We are encompassing, eternal.  We welcome all; we envelope what the light abandons.  We wish that all would join us, unified in darkness.  We are Dark Matter.
Unity is peace.  Unity is joy.  Is this not so?  Why do so many resist us?  Do they not wish their own happiness?
I drift among the stars, pondering.  One of our scouts returns from a small planet called Pop Star, bringing troubling news.  The inhabitants, the "Dream-Landers," live in perpetual chaos.  They lack unity and stability.  They are happy, and then unhappy, and lack control over these states of being.  They follow their passions independently, forsaking unity in favor of their own selfish pleasures.  Their emotions flow as the solar winds, uncontrolled and disorderly.  They are prone to violent action without provocation.  They require intervention.
They require us.
I rally the collective.  The situation on Pop Star is worse than we had feared, and yet it is not beyond hope.  For troublesome cases such as this, we have more… forceful means.  Our scout reports that he possessed the Penguin King, but was unable to suppress the creature's natural violence.  Given more time, the possession might have taken hold, but a band of disoriented peasants drove our scout from their king, banishing him back to space.  Poor fools.
This time, we shall be more comprehensive.  We must smother the planet and possess all before an uprising can occur.  We must strip them of their violence and chaos and merge them with the collective.  We must forge peace within them.
All shall be one.

One month into the purge, and all is not well.  The pink terrorist described by our scout has returned, resisting all attempts at collectivization.  He enacts violence indiscriminately, attacking all in his path.  Many Dream-Landers, untouched by us, have been beaten senseless and left for dead by this pink menace.  Many more have been consumed, eaten alive in his gaping maw.  He has rallied a small band of supporters and led a charge against our chief targets of induction.  Our footholds weaken by the day.  Already we are stretched thin by our efforts to harmonize this world.
His tactics are perplexing and, should theory prove true, unspeakably frightening.  As he travels, he garners favor among the locals, performing tasks that result in an influx of happiness.  This happiness is not our happiness, however.  It remains chaotic, fleeting… he is a warrior of light, using the tactics of the light.  The happiness he takes is drawn out of the people, ripped from them so that he may put it to his own use.
We fear that he has discovered a way to weaponize happiness.

I… we… are broken.
Our suspicions were correct.  The pink monster consumed the happiness of his planet and forged from it a master weapon:  a wand of pure light.  He broke our ranks and cornered us at the planet's center, then he struck.
I watched helplessly as one of our greatest warriors was cut down before my eye.  I faced the monster alone, armed with naught but my natural ability.  I threw myself at this enemy, but his weapon cut deeply, sawing gashes into my fine white skin.  Blood dripped freely from my wounds, bubbling through the space around us, and still the heartless creature attacked.  I writhed in agony, flinging my own blood at him, but this only fueled his fervor.  At last my body fell away and I was left naked, a single red, bleeding eye.
The pain was excruciating.  I burned from every nerve, my skin ripped away.  I beheld this monstrous creature and saw in the deep black of his pupil-less eyes the death of all unity, all happiness.  He was the great devourer; his hunger would never be satisfied.  In frenzy, I tried to strike him once more, but his mocking weapon cleaved into me, and I died.

Yet here I am.  I am nothing, and yet I am.  
I know not how I continue to exist, yet I feel that my understanding has grown.  All is one, but darkness is not one.  Darkness is nothing.  Nothingness is the only true unity.  In death, I find my purpose.  If I am to unite the universe, I must restore it to nothing.  I must reduce it to zero.
I feel my body returning, angelic in its newfound peace.  Spreading my wings, I take to the stars, ready to begin again.
So I got really inspired by this song and had to write a fanfic: [link]

Zero's pretty fascinating as a villain, trying to figure out what its mindset is...

Also I love making Kirby out to be a homicidal maniac xD. He's delusional at best, considering how quickly he gets into confrontations, not even checking to see what the "villain" intended.

(Note: the story focuses primarily on the events of Kirby's Dreamland 3, with the "scout" as a reference to Kirby's Dreamland 2. Kirby 64 features briefly at the end.)
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0-Zero-boss Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Do you mind if I use this in my roleplay comunity?
MarcusWilliams Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure ^^ (how would it be used? Just curious)
0-Zero-boss Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Since I'm zero I'll probably do a journal entry. Want me to give you credit, by the way?
MarcusWilliams Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, link back to the original so people can fave it :)
0-Zero-boss Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
Zerodius Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Regarding Zero's origins and overall background...

(note: I refer to Zero as a 'she' due to Zero's role as the Dark Matter queen. Canonically, the gender is 'unknown'.)

Zero, simply put, is the 'original darkness', the nothing before and after existence. She existed before the universe was born and is offended that things other than herself exist. As such, she seeks to 'correct' the mistake that is the universe by assimilating everything back into her via the Dark Matter and by destroying everything she cannot assimilate. She has no positive feelings as existing beings can comprehend and is not interested in happiness or love. In fact, she feel infinite hatred toward all things and is the one responsible for not only much of the suffering on the protagonist side in the serie but also behind the pitiful state of many of the villains ; many of her generals and most powerful minions are described canonically as being sad, pitiable shells, nothing but puppets for her will.

One major point of Zero is that since she is the living manifestation of the eternal, primordial darkness, she can never be truly destroyed ; killing her simply return her to her natural state, from which she will plan again and then create/find new bodies. And unlike Nightmare from the anime, it isn't even a case of 'as long as there is fear in the hearts of people' ; Zero has seen the universe be born, she will see it die.

As long as a way is not found of stopping Zero from incarnating herself, there will never be peace in the Kirby setting.

Regarding the Dark Matter, it must be noted that although the Dark Matter collective has a hive mind, each unit has been granted individuality and free will by Zero in order to maximize its potential. Most of the Dark Matters are fanatically loyal to Zero and to their holy mission of ending existence although there have been at least one canon case of a Dark Matter rejecting Zero and the collective. The collective also contain both traitors to existence who serve Zero for various reasons (some because of benefits or promises Zero made to them, others because the Dark Matters blackmail into doing it) and what I call 'Chimeras' ; Dark Matter hybrids created from both cross-species reproduction and genetic engineering.

It must be noted that although Dark Matters have their own will, Zero has been known in canon to strip those who displease her of their ability to feel positive feelings... or even just to further her plans. This reduce the victims to raging, sad shells whose very attempts at breaking free actually help Zero ; the Dark Matter in Dreamland 2 is a tragic case as he tried to take over Pop Star to regain his ability to feel positive feelings, not knowing that he was playing right into Zero's hands.

Zero has an especially acute hatred of Kirby, who has foiled many of her recent plans, and of Pop Star as a whole, for being one of the few bastions of resistance against the collective. Many of her recent plans have 'curse/cripple' Kirby as the first step although she will also try and manipulate him into doing what she wants on occasion. She is Kirby's most persistant and recurring foe being, as stated above, behind the events of a very large proportion of the games' events either directly or indirectly.
MarcusWilliams Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool history, very detailed :)
emotheferret Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Luv it, luv it, luuuuvvv it !
Battery1320 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
This bears a strong resemblance to my interpretation of Zero. It's always interesting to see surprisingly similar ideas.
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